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Diva Icontest

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*Amount of icons allowed to be entered changes week to week*
*Only members may enter and vote*
*Every entry must have been made specifically for the challenge*
*Every entry must be your own work*
*All icons must fit LJ standards*

*Amount of icons to be voted for changes week to week*
*Do not vote for your own icon*
*Do not get others to vote for you*
*Do not post your icon anywhere until after the challenge is over*

Monday -- New challenge is posted
Friday -- Last day an entry can be submitted
Friday Night - Sunday -- Voting
Sunday Night -- Winners are announced and banners are given out

*Please keep in mind that this is just an approximate schedule, however any changes will be posted with the challenge*

llxhd_challenge idol_challenge jessica_lims ashleeicontest lb_icontest hilarydufficons carriechallenge kelly_contest _celebchallenge jsxas_challenge a4c_icons idolmedia aidiva_contest aiken_challenge kcxbs_challenge carrie_graphics evan_icontest chad_lims hilary_lims

Challenge 1 ** Mandy Moore
Challenge 2 ** Mischa Barton
Challenge 3 ** Kelly Clarkson
Challenge 4 ** Rachel McAdams
Challenge 5 ** Jennifer Aniston Vs. Angelina Jolie
Challenge 6 ** Paris Hilton