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Challenge #5- Angelina vs. Jennifer

Hey guys!! Sorry it took so long to come back and post a challenge!! I guess our holidays were longer than we expected :) Hope you all have a good holiday too!!

So here goes!!

In the wake of the whole jennifer/brad vs angelina/brad we are having a battle challenge!! Whats that you ask? Well... its pretty much two seperate challenges run at the same time... and then the winning icon from each battles against each other! Fun huh? lol.

Alright, so here are the rules!

Theme: Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie



# of Icons: Max 2 Icons per girl, (yes thats 4 all total, :) ) try to use a different picture each time though! But its not mandatory.
Effects: Animation/NO, Blending/YES
Due: January 20th
Entries so far: 7... Come on guys, lets make this challenge a great one!

Remember that all entries must be origional and specifically made for this challenge. Also do not post or display your icon anywhere else until voting has closed.
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